Get to Know More About Rotations Watch Winders


Have you ever heard about rotations watch winder? This tool is not only useful for keeping your watch, but also giving you a whole different way to appreciate and show off your watch collections. If you are not familiar yet with this tool, here is all you need to know about a watch winder.

What is A Rotation Watch Winder?

As the name implies, a rotation watch winder is a tool to rotate watches. It is only beneficial if the watch is equipped with an automatic winding. This tool can automatically charge your watch without you needing to use it every time. Watch winders utilize an automatic watch mechanism that uses the rotating rotor inside to charge. In a watch winder, a watch will automatically rotate at an adjusted speed.

While the watch is rotating, the rotor is restrained by the force of gravity , tightening the mainspring of the watch which powers the automatic watch. Almost all watch winders in the markets use this way of working. Though you cannot use rotations watch winder for manual mechanical watches, you can still use it on other movements that use a rotor to charge.

The History of Rotation Watch Winders

The initial invention of watch winders surely cannot be separated from the birth of automatic watches. John Harwood as one of the pioneers of automatic watches created the watch winder in the 1920s as a guarantee of the quality of his watches. His watch winder could accommodate up to 12 watches at a time.

However, since automatic watches were not really popular at that time, along with some events like the Great Depression of 1929 which devastated the United States economy and the Quartz crisis, watch winders only started to rise as an important accessory for mechanical watch hobbyists and collectors in the 90s. At that time, the best rotations watch winder was still a very exclusive accessory. But along with the time, there are many affordable watch winders with good quality available in markets.

Why Do You Probably Need A Rotation Watch Winder?

If your collection focuses on modern automatic watches that are not too complicated, you might feel that you do not need a watch winder and it’s completely okay. The rotations watch winder is more recommended for collectors and hobbyists who have watches with an elaborate calendar display, which means a perpetual calendar, full calendar, yearly calendar, and even moon phase display.

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